The Timelapse Environmental Policy Statement

Timelapse incorporates sustainability into our core business operations through internal and external efforts. Specifically, we shall adopt the following policies and practices:

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle
Purchase environmentally preferable products
Conserve energy, water, and natural resources
Encourage green commute alternatives
Practice Green Business policies
Refer other businesses and individuals to green businesses policies

Employee Education

We educate employees on resource conservation and pollution prevention through:

Informing employees about environmental resources by distributing our Employee Green Resource Guide.

Using clear signage for compost, recycling, landfill, water conservation, and energy conservation.

Hosting only zero waste events (i.e. ensuring that no waste is generated during company picnics, meetings, parties, etc.)

Toxics Reduction

We reduce the use of toxic materials to protect employee health and the environment. Specifically we:

Only purchase low toxic janitorial cleaning products certified Green Seal, UL/Ecologo, Safer Choice, and/or meet criteria on

Avoid purchasing toxic substances and any aerosol cans. Minimize the use of disinfectants in routine cleaning.

Lighting – Purchase LEDs, T8 or T5 low mercury fluorescent lamps.

Encourage our landlord to implement an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program for controlling pests.

Encourage our landlord to dispose of hazardous materials safely.

Resource Conservation

We conserve fossil fuels and other resources by:

Promoting the use of public transit and commuter alternatives.

Offering commuter benefits and employee commuting options.

Participating in the Emergency Ride Home program.

Using energy-conserving software programs and unplugging equipment.

Reusing and refusing packaging materials.

Emphasizing repurposing of items in lieu of purchasing new items.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle

We reduce our footprint by:

Reducing waste by printing double-sided, buying in bulk, and eliminating disposable products such as single-serve water bottles and non-biodegradable or non-compostable coffee pods.

Reusing equipment such as furniture, or donating usable items to charity.

Striving for 90% waste diversion by recycling all resources such as paper, plastics, cardboard, glass, and aluminum AND composting all food and plant discards.

Green Purchasing

We purchase/use:

Printer paper, business cards, marketing materials, collateral, etc. with minimum of 50% post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled content.

Janitorial paper with post-consumer waste (PCW) recycled content (toilet paper and facial tissues minimum 20% PCW, paper towels minimum 40% PCW).

Specialty or large format paper with minimum 30% PCW.

Chlorine-free paper products.

Remanufactured or refillable toner cartridges.

Promotional materials with vegetable or low-VOC inks.

Energy Star rated refrigerators, appliances and office equipment.

EPEAT verified computers, laptops, and monitors (

Encourage our landlord to use the most water-efficient toilets, urinals, and faucet aerators.

As a team, we commit to the policy outlined in this environmental policy statement for at least the 4-year duration of our Green Business recognition. We promise to uphold this policy to the best of our ability and knowledge and pledge to train our staff, contractors, building management and janitorial staff as necessary to maintain our commitment to this policy.

The Timelapse Team