Creativity meets performance.

We work with innovative organizations seeking to build or optimize their brands with scalable design systems and effective digital marketing campaigns.

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The Timelapse process is imaginative, iterative, and evolves as your business grows. It starts with workshops, followed by concepts, design, copy, and code. The result is your brand made real.

Once your brand goes live, the process continues through the creation and implementation of high-performing content and impactful campaigns.

1. Strategy

Your strategic objectives are our strategic objectives. We craft messaging and design that converts, sells your products or services, establishes your competitive edge, demonstrates thought and content leadership generates repeat business. To every strategic plan specific KPIs are attached, this keeps our working relationship on solid footing.

2. Identity

Identity is the most significant contributor to your brand's perceived value. Perfectly shaping that identity is essential and not something you can afford to “half-ass.” Our multi-national design team has created distinctive, memorable designs and campaigns for some of the world's biggest brands.

3. Experience

Engagement is everything. Without it, your brand goes nowhere. Everything we create for your brand rests on motivating users to interact with your brand, to want to learn more, find what they’re looking for quickly, compel them to take action.

4. Activation

This is how we get the word out. We activate your brand via situation-specific strategies, campaigns, and tactics. Tell the world you’re here, what you have to offer is valuable and relevant. Our approach to brand activation drives action, creates a lasting impression, and generates a positive brand association.

We work with the leaders of the day, and those of tomorrow.

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