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Protera is on a mission to create smarter, better, and more sustainable food ingredients. Our team helped the company from the incubator stage to a successful $5.6 million series A funding and beyond.
Creative Direction, Natasha Mozz
Art Direction, Judikael Le Bayon
Naming & Messaging, Kevin Lynch, Olivier Roth
Social Media, Lindsey Simpson

Timelapse started with a thorough market and competitive analysis. From these findings, we defined the company’s target audience, their pain points, and then helped articulate the company’s value proposition. We formulated a series of digital marketing tactics for Protera to reach their audiences, including event marketing, content marketing, hyper-targeted advertising on social media, and guerilla marketing.

We learned the rules and the codes of the food and ingredient manufacturing industry, and decided to follow suit on the type of color palette characteristically used, (e.g. around sustainability, plants, and nature) but curated a stronger system of imagery than Protera’s competitors (around authenticity, the love of healthy food, the appealing textures of food, and the underlying concepts of biology).

By ideating the company name, Protera, and focusing on the concept of Natural Intelligence, we helped Protera come up with a compelling and unique voice to lead the future of food. We consciously positioned the company against today’s key challenges for the global food industry: Sustainability (food waste), cost (scalability), and human health (alternatives to trans-fats).

The name Protera connects the company’s unique expertise in protein-based ingredient development and the concept of environmental sustainability. Natural Intelligence is a trademarked term we created: It is the process by which protein patterns that might exist in nature are revealed by Protera’s technology.

We also conceived the names Protera Guard and Protera Sense for the company’s first two flagship products.

The Protera website places the consumer (the ultimate target audience, beyond food and ingredient manufacturers) front and center. The story of Protera and how it’s told on the site is centered around people making the choice to eat healthy food and the enjoyment they derive. We then zoom out to articulate the company’s vision and its solutions to the challenges the global food industry faces. Claims are always substantiated with infographics, and examples.

We supported Protera by creating, printing, and delivering a series of branded collaterals for global events and conferences.

We continue to propel the company forward by managing the LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter social media accounts.


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We designed the Protera packaging for its two first flagship products: Protera Guard and Protera Sense.

Leonardo Alvarez
CEO & Co-Founder at Protera

"They executed an amazing rebrand for Protera, asking key questions to align our vision and visual identity."