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Stanford Research Park is a 700-acre business park in Palo 
Alto, California and home to 140 companies and approximately 35,000 employees. Since its inception in 1951 the Stanford Research Park has blossomed into one of the world’s most innovative and prolific tech hubs. Companies like VMware, SAP, Tesla, and HP call the park home. A byproduct of this success 
has been an increase in automobiles and the accompanying traffic and congestion.

SRPGO was created in response to large tenant companies requesting assistance with commuter transportation. The SRPGO team hired Timelapse to help them raise program awareness and create the resources that promote commute options.
Social media
Email marketing
Event marketing
Video production
Messaging & Strategy, Olivier Roth
Art Direction, Judikael Le Bayon

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Solo vehicle commuting has dropped year-after-year by >10%. Telecommuting has risen 15%. Over 20% of Stanford Research Park survey respondents are interested in more information on SPRGO programs.

Did you know women make up only a quarter of all bicycle trips in the U.S.? Stanford Research Park was looking at ways to eliminate the barriers that keep women, trans, and femme-identifying folks from using bicycles for transportation. We helped them do just that by crafting a visual identity and a logo for the new SRPGO Women on Wheels group. We love to make such initiatives look good and stand out at the Stanford Research Park and beyond.

Jamie Jarvis
Director Sustainable Transportation Programs

“Timelapse supports the Stanford Research Park Transportation Program with effective marketing strategies, engaging communications, and creative digital and print materials. Their enthusiasm and professionalism make them valued partners and key contributors to our success.”