Designing the Bike-To-Work-Day theme


Timelapse partnered with Bikes Make Life Better, Inc. to create a visual identity for Bike-To-Work-Day at LinkedIn. In May each year, small and large companies invite their employees to leave the car at home and try biking to work instead. This is the perfect opportunity to help employees rethink their routines, and consider switching to bike commuting. An appealing and recognizable design for giveaways, emails, prints, and more, can help set the event for success.
Art Direction, Judikael Le Bayon

Great design relies on great concepts

To find the winning idea, we presented multiple concepts to the Bikes Make Life Better and LinkedIn teams. The first concept explored the transition for cars to bikes, with a cityscape full of cars changing from grayscale tones and an urban look to colorful tones featuring trees and bikes.

The second concept relied on a visual lexicon built around the world of biking, and a play on typography, that allowed for a very recognizable visual theme, and a lot of versatility to apply it to multiple collaterals. This was the winning concept.