Enabling high-growth startups to find talent anywhere


Sequoia is working with their portfolio companies to help spread the word about their new remote work opportunities. In this day and age, talent can be found anywhere and everywhere and Timelapse helped Sequoia design their new remote job portal to help the world’s best companies extend their reach.
Art Direction, Judikael Le Bayon

Our UX research starts with asking the right questions.

The target audience here is made up of job candidates that need a simple yet powerful way to filter and browse through the jobs that are most relevant to them. They will often visit the portal on mobile. We started with dozens of job posts, but we kept in mind that the design needed to be scalable to accommodate hundreds or thousands of them in the future.

“They did the work to understand what our needs are.”

Julian Fahrer, Talent at Sequoia Capital

We took a deep dive into the Sequoia brand guidelines to make sure what we created was perfectly aligned with the brand.

Creativity sometimes involves following the rules, while finding ways to delight users within the established parameters of a brand. That’s precisely what we did by applying the color palette, typography, and more of the treatments as defined by the Sequoia branding guidelines. We advised on messaging and future online advertising campaigns and created a compelling, consistent, and highly functional experience.

We designed the Sequoia remote job portal’s home page and a template for internal job description pages.

By going from low-fidelity wireframes to high-fidelity, pixel-perfect design files were ready to hand out to developers. We created a responsive version to accommodate for the best mobile viewing experience possible.