Fresh branding and digital marketing supercharges construction innovator


VEC is a leader and pioneer in Building Information Modeling (BIM) and Virtual Design & Construction (VDC). Wielding cutting-edge technology along with unmatched real-world expertise, they’re on a mission to make construction easy. VEC’s virtual models leave the competition in the dust, boasting unmatched levels of detail and constructability. They blend BIM and VDC with a unique, side-by-side field presence strategy, giving every one of their construction services maximum impact. With the all-hands involvement of Timelapse in their branding and digital marketing campaigns, VEC is expanding their audience and pursuing their ultimate vision of a construction revolution.
Art Direction, Judikael Le Bayon
Messaging, Adrian Adamiec
Marketing Strategy, Olivier Roth
Marketing & Advertising, Lindsey Simpson
Social Media, Wilson Good
Live action videos, Mike Becker
3D videos, Joe Rule

Starting small, thinking
big, and moving quickly

That’s the story of our first project with VEC: developing a new set of Statement of Qualifications (SOQ) documents — a crucial part of the construction job bid process.

Impressed with the strengthened business partnerships that their fresh SOQs facilitated, VEC commissioned Timelapse to revamp their brand identity, design them a new website, and create a comprehensive marketing plan.

Bold marketing plans meet masterful marketing automation

Timelapse assembled a multifaceted marketing plan to propel VEC’s brand awareness, credibility, and to build momentum for the company within their industry.

We launched LinkedIn ads, Google search ads, and Adroll retargeting ads that reached construction executives and decision-makers, driving new, qualified traffic to the revamped website.

Timelapse installed and configured a marketing automation system (HubSpot) so that VEC could stay in touch with their clients and prospects, generating and nurturing sales opportunities.

The VEC brand, reimagined

As we equipped VEC with new marketing processes and tools, we analyzed VEC’s competition and began crafting a new visual language and messaging framework for the company.

We established brand guidelines that guarantee consistency across communication channels; we standardized the VEC color palette, logos, tone of voice, and more, giving them the tools to build credibility and trust in their brand.

Their new voice and brand identity helped VEC access a whole new tier of sales opportunities and partnerships.

Timelapse really helped us look inward and find our voice as a company. You’ve held a mirror up to us to help us really understand what we wanted our brand to be about. You have exceeded all our expectations.

Leo Castillo, COO

A state-of-the-art website that instills confidence

The new website we created stands out from VEC’s competition by supporting clear communication of their services and easy navigation with a distinct, amiable personality.


Web traffic in the first two months

From the hero video banner and interactive building model to the 5-minute assessment, everything has been designed to effortlessly educate, impress, and convert qualified leads.

We installed Intercom (an interactive chat tool), modern intake forms via Typeform, and placed strategic conversion points across the site for lead generation.

Thank you for guiding us through the many conversations (and often healthy debates) that led to the feel of the site, and for the beautiful launch.

Shane Saltzgiver, Founder & CEO

Looking to the horizon: VEC Frontiers

A space to highlight innovation and forward-thinking, we created VEC Frontiers for hosting shared content and direct engagement with the construction community. Eventually, webinars and in-person professional events will be promoted on the platform.

VEC Frontiers will bolster VEC’s social media presence with content that covers and weighs-in on the latest trends and news in construction, while simultaneously reinforcing VEC’s identity of approachable expertise.

Reimagined social
media management


to LinkedIn following in two months

The proof is in the model

Timelapse created a series of 3D assets, including a video walkthrough explaining the different Levels of Development (LOD). This showcased VEC’s capability to create more detailed and constructable virtual models.