All the insurance you need, in one place.


Personal Insurance has issues. Waffle eats issues for breakfast. In an industry straying from its original mission – protecting people when they need it the most – Waffle arrived to set things straight. That meant all the insurance a person could need in one place, coverage from the best in the business, and built-in rewards for acting like an adult. Waffle's vision was solid. Their fledgling website's copy and design were another story. Seeking a brand identity revamp that included a comprehensive marketing strategy, Waffle approached Timelapse.
Art Direction, Judikael Le Bayon
Visual Design, Vicki Chen
Messaging, Adrian Adamiec
Marketing Strategy, Olivier Roth
Marketing & Advertising Strategy, Lindsey Simpson
Social Media, Wilson Good

Crafting a new insurance brand

Over the course of our partnership, we hammered out their objectives, nailed the kind of brand voice their founders dreamed of, and built a sleek, user-friendly website bursting with color, motion, and personality.

They're the cheeky, straight-talking, premier choice for broad, customizable insurance.

We set up a customer acquisition strategy and executed ads on the App store and on social platforms which allowed to kick-off hyper targeted with the audience and create brand awareness.

Our branding and design work with Waffle brought home Gold in the Corporate Identity category at the 2021 Muse Creative Awards.

The Waffle brand strikes a balance between playful and modern, approachable and trustworthy.

Waffle’s new, sleek website reflects their voice and unique personality

We launched paid and organic customer acquisition campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, Google, YouTube, and beyond.

Thank you for guiding us through the many conversations (and often healthy debates) that led to the feel of the site, and for the beautiful launch.

Shane Saltzgiver, Founder & CEO

Putting it in motion

The Timelapse team worked on the app interface design itself, from the onboarding screens to the product customization and beyond. We also produced animated videos for the app store and the company website.

Key results

Waffle raised $5 million in seed funding

Waffle signed partnerships with leading insurance firms