Deep Isolation

Building a brand for nuclear waste disposal


Along with being a global nuclear waste disposal solutions company Deep Isolation is also a high-growth startup. In their industry, a finely crafted, technically accurate brand, and marketing strategy is essential to support growth. Timelapse built the brand and is actively involved in developing new collaterals and advertising campaigns to support the company’s sales around the world.
Marketing strategy
Presentation design
3D modeling & video animation
Messaging & Strategy, Olivier Roth
Creative Direction, Natasha Mozz
Design, Johann Banta,

As part of the branding and marketing process, Timelapse organized multiple strategic workshops with the Deep Isolation team to brainstorm more effective marketing tactics and campaigns, and better reach its audience.

Timelapse contributed to the company's SEO plan, social media, and advertising strategy. We created, designed, and implemented retargeting advertising campaigns to encourage potential prospects and investors to contact Deep Isolation. Based on the outputs of a Timelapse-lead Discovery Workshop the team created a stunning, conversational, easy-to-comprehend brand and drafted messaging that conveys that the power to change the system starts with the individual.

Deep Isolation has successfully engaged with governmental and private companies and investors across the world. Timelapse is helping to put the company vision to motion and make the urgent need for a lasting nuclear waste isolation solution a reality. Not only did the brand and marketing strategies need to raise awareness drive adoption, it needed to be aligned with the app. Timelapse conducted extensive UI audits and testing that included mockup examples to ensure brand continuity, clarity of message, and ease of use.

Zann Aeck
VP, Marketing and Communications

“Timelapse was instrumental in designing a new brand strategy for us. Not only was the brand concept a perfect match for our corporate values and objectives, but the execution of the new brand system was well thought out and delivered on time.”