Let’s do great work together.

From the entire Timelapse team, thank you for choosing to work with us! We’re excited to do great work for you and build a long-lasting, productive relationship.

To ensure all parties are working to achieve the best results—while thoroughly enjoying the process!—here a few we’ve put together this brief list of processes and policies. If you have any questions, ideas, or comments on how to make the collaboration even more productive, we would love to hear them. Feel free to contact us at any time!

Brief process

A detailed creative brief will help us better define projects, answer your needs, and keep everything on track!

Many organizations have a creative brief they’re accustomed to working from. If you have a brief format you like, no problem, share it with us. All we ask is that the following items are addressed.

The project

Describe the project, context, messaging, purpose, and audience.


Describe the deliverables: PDF for print or web, banner ads, video, ebook? The more specific the better. Include the required format, size, tech/printing specs if applicable, number of copies, length, etc.


Is there a due date for the V1 and/or the final deliverable?


If there is a budget you have a mind or a non-to-exceed number of hours for the project. It's optional, but it can help us understand right away the level of priority, important, and your vision for the final deliverable.


If you have preliminary creative ideas, references, or inspirations for us, please share!


Anything else we need to start the work? Typically this includes color codes, fonts, brand guidelines, clearly labeled images, vector logos, videos, files, etc. for use in the project.

If you don’t have a brief template, let us know and we’ll provide you with one.

As we’re organizing the work between multiple people and workstreams a well-organized brief is essential to keeping everything in scope and on track!

Speaking of keeping everything on track…

We get it, life happens. Every now and then things happen that weren't planned for. When that happens we’re good about rolling with it. However...

Rush fees

We like to plan your roadmap ahead, mapping out weekly and monthly meetings to best organize our mutual time. If you have to ask for an unplanned or urgent delivery within the next 24h, we reserve the right to apply a 50% rush fee on our time tracking system, Harvest.

Environmental policy

As a team, we commit to the policy outlined in this environmental policy statement.

And that’s it. Now let’s get to work!

Team Timelapse

Last-minute rescheduling

A sudden change in plans can make providing our best service to every client a challenge. If possible, please avoid rescheduling meetings at the last minute, and note our policy is to keep track of the original meeting time on Harvest if we’re rescheduled two hours prior to a scheduled meeting.