The look of love


Finding your perfect match gets a lot easier when you have a personal matchmaker. That’s what separates Tawkify from other dating sites, who sell algorithms. Real, live, human matchmakers is the Tawkify selling point and to get that message out, the New York-based dating app hired Timelapse to get the word out.
Art Direction & Video, Judikael Le Bayon
Ad Strategy & Management, Olivier Roth

Timelapse crafted new landing pages for Tawkify to optimize its ad spend and maximize conversions. We then created and launched a series of compelling social ads that spoke directly to their target audience's heart. Once the creative was out in the wild, we set up a system to run weekly experiments and optimize conversions. New ad copy and creative on Facebook resulted in a more than 20% reduction in the cost per scheduled sales call and in the cost of client purchase.

We created :15, :30 or :60 Hulu spots for Tawkify to advertise on the streaming platform. These placements allowed for Tawkify to reach and gain awareness with their primary target audience of high income, single women in their 30s. By leveraging the Hulu Ad Selector feature, we allowed for viewers to choose a specific spot and control their ad experience.